First List of Names

In Order of First Appearance with Initial Segment Noted

The Name Game


The Do’s Series


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LoveJoy KickStart: A young and resourceful FarWay girl with chestnut hair and gray eyes. Her father and others of her clanhold were taken prisoner. LoveJoy seeks to find and free her family and friends. She possesses knowledge of past technologies, and she seeks allies and more information. Segment 1.

RhineHold HuffSpot: The dwarflord of dwarfhome in the greencountry of the treetalls. The Family HuffSpot sitcom gatherings are notable for presenting song and show from the Old Days. Segment 1.

The Fonz and the Macaroni Band: The curious reappearance of Henry Winkler and the cast of the Happy Days TV show in the form of a small band of odd origins. LoveJoy KickStart barters the band’s engagements with RhineHold HuffSpot, thereby securing access to substantial funding and establishing an alliance with the HuffSpot dwarffamily. Segment 1.

Queen Mother Mary Plantagenet Pickford: The guppie QueenLeader who reigns from DownTown in underlake beneath the greenmoss of wetlands. Guppies are gill breathers who function quite well in and out of the water. The Queen Mother knows and has a fondness for LoveJoy; and she notes to the girl that, “We guppies are fish out of water. We have gills everywhere.” Queen Mary and her guppies are true friends and capable supporters. Segment 2.

Sir Richard Geoffrey Ingelger of Jobs: The First Count of the Sweeping Lands. A tall muscled figure with a razor sharp profile and black eyes sparkling with energy and dark humor. Sir Richard seeks to reclaim the East Desert, and he does this with creatures “So Cleverly Remade Under My Powers” or “SCRUMPs.” These cloud creations are his new people, a menacing army to do as he commands – whatever that may be and wherever they may be taken. Segment 3.

WardBoss FawnFizzle: A BentOne and an obsequious servant to Sir Richard. The BentOnes are underlings of natural origins. As a race, they are indentured to the Count and largely do as Sir Richard directs. For all their fawning behavior, they are not to be trifled with. Segment 3.

Prince Lohengrin: A tall youth with bright green eyes. An accomplished swordsman, the young man is Crown Prince of the region of Schwangau. The Prince’s residence is the Swan Castle, a formidable fortress perched on a rugged hill above the Schwansee and the village of Hohenschwangau. Segment 4.

Minnesinger HitBolt: The chief advisor and mentor to Prince Lohengrin. A mysterious figure with a great knowledge of old technologies. The Minnesinger’s usual dress is an overlong robe and a green cap that never quite stays put on his head. Segment 4.

DawnRunner StarBreak: A tall thin girl with closecut blond hair and dark blue eyes. She is a SandRunner of the StarBreak sandpod in the HomeRock Clan. Her father is LongLeap StarBreak, a warrior of renown on the sands of the BlindDesert. Segment 5.

SchirmerSchutzen HirschTruss: This is the alias Prince Lohengrin decided to use for his first visit to the fair of Glue Days and New Bread. SchirmerShutzen means swordguard. Lohengrin serves in this role for the Hohenschwangau traders attending the fair. Segment 6.

HauptMercer BaiTail: HauptMercer means headmerchant. BaiTail is the mastermerchant leading the Hohenschwangau traders who travel to the fair. HirschTruss is his young employee, whom the merchant favors with fatherly guidance and friendly advice. Segment 6.

DeepDelve HuffSpot: DwarfMaster of TopHouse at OverMountain. A distant cousin of RhineHold HuffSpot, DeepDelve holds an equivalent, if not elevated, position within the dwarf corporate structuring. DeepDelve is the current chief engineer and directing architect of the Mines of DwarfSeek, which date from the New Days of present time, back to the Old Days of the great technologies, to the Long Ago of ancient knowings, and farther back, even to the Age Before clouded in the hidden mists of mind – which are the four known times of man and dwarf (though some speak of a Time Again beyond the New Days). The TopHouse dwarves are highly skilled in crafting Old Days technologies to New Days applications. Segment 6.

BentNose ChurnTurner: A cheesemaker of surly manners and questionable motives. Apart from their bad tempers, cheesemakers are recognized by their dark caps with single black feathers. BentNose is the leader of a group of cheesemakers traveling to the fair. Although his behavior is hardly laudable, the cheesemaker honors The Do’s and accepts the pronouncements of The Binding Speech of The New and Free Peoples. Segment 7.

TidBit McIntyre: A StealthSeeker of the TrueFind Tribe. TidBit’s nickname is “Mouse” for his small size, quick movements and amazing ability to squeeze through tight spaces. HirschTruss’s newname for the Mouse is TruthSeeker StealthMouse. The Mouse’s oncewas homeland is the LowHills, but his family and friends were taken by the BentOnes to the Ridge over the East Desert to serve the designs of Sir Richard. Segment 7.

NewFound SandBreak: LoveJoy KickStart’s assumed name when in disguise at the fair with DawnRunner StarBreak. This is NewFound’s first visit to the fair. Segment 8.

WhiteHands BakeMuch: A baker of great girth and sweet skills who manages a newbread booth on Penny Lane at the fair. WhiteHands and his family and ovenmates were saved by DawnRunner’s father from the nightcrawls of the BlindDesert when a storm interrupted the bakefamily’s trek to the fair and blew the company of ovenmates into the dangersands. BakeMuch extends a freegiven sweetreat greetmeet to the girls, and offers a tent and the hospitality of his bakefamily while the young ladies attend the fair. Segment 8.

DarkCloud StillReach: A SCRUMP created by Sir Richard and the chief overseer of the Count’s particled creations. DarkCloud knows who he once was, and he knows Sir Richard controls the keys to the vatholds where the physical forms of the SCRUMPs reside. StillReach also knows that the Count has the power to disassociate the nanomists that are DarkCloud and the other SCRUMPs. Segment 9.

Ms. Nurse Hoadie Ilsalund Carmichael: The pretty nurse who sells poppies behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout at the end of Penny Lane. Ms. Hoadie wears a blue robe and is one of the sisters who provides access to information for those who can make the exchange. She knows that music and motion pervade their way of life, and she sees how the old ways relate to the present times. Segment 10.

SamTrip BlazeHands: Sam is Ms. Hoadie’s piano player and singer of the old songs. Segment 10.


Chronicler’s PostNote:

The origins and authorship of “The Do’s Series” are disputed. Furthermore, the text, from which the above-listed names derive, is itself an amalgam of remnant storypart writings, and bedread and taletold recollections. In this time, no single whole is extant; and, as the work progresses, it should be anticipated that new materials are likely to be uncovered.

Where to place this List of Names in the ordering of the story is itself uncertain. A recent discovery is the tuneclip appended hereafter. This tubesong was found with a partial listing of the names, although there seems little relevance apart from the name itself. I guess it can be said: What the shovel turns, the shovel turns — however strange the result may be.

Signed by: NoteMake TomMee D. HitBolt IX.


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Banana-fana fo-fomMee




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