OnceWas — A Map

Of The New & Free Peoples

The Map


The Do’s Series


© Grandpa Jim



“I am not part of the reconstruction of ‘The Do’s Series.’ Rather, I am involved — and I believe it is accurate and correct to say this — I am part in its first construction.

“It has only been through my curiosity of visiting and watching there to ensure that the text is accurate here that I stumbled upon a certain ‘garden party.’ Over a slice of pizza, I had a delightful conversation with a pretty lady in a blue robe. She shared that at a farther point in time, readers may be puzzled by the locations mentioned and how they might relate to each other. She also suggested, very politely, that perhaps the fault may be in the historical record of the first work, and she wondered if it would be appropriate to interrupt the inceptory text of the original folio with an addition?

“I feigned ignorance, of course, but not disinterest. It was obvious, and I am sure it was clear on the surface of my face, that I saw she had made a good point.”

“My travels there and back have confirmed much of the physical relationships of things and places. As the first inceptor, I admit a greater fascination with the words and persons than the spatial orientations of the surroundings. Yet, there are certain things that have bothered me and may benefit from a more pictorial presentation.

“For example, when LoveJoy trekked upon the BlindDesert did she have a plan beforehand to ensure an easier way to cross the greatsands? Was there a shortcut? Well, lo and behold, there are fingers of land reaching inward from both sides that would allow a shorter way across the greatheat. Greatheat of greatsands it remained, and I can understand that she should be lost even if with good planning. The rest, of course, is story.

“It was then that I realized a map could show that which could not be contained in the words themselves. This was itself a welcome epiphany. It was accompanied by a cautionary note – from the lady.

“I was warned not to leave too clear a trail. She spoke of the latent accuracy of historical inaccuracies and the revelatory excitement of discovered nondiscernibles. I admit I did not, and do not, understand her meanings completely, and I do feel I was somewhat besotted by her dancing eyes. Nonetheless, I persevered in the task as she presented it so beguilingly to my eyes, as they were at the time hidden behind my spread fingers to avoid the glances of certain others across the pizza table.

“Accordingly, I have created a multiple record. Various drafts of maps, crumpled maps, maps burned in places, and other bits and pieces of lined and drawn information now exists and has been hidden in diverse locations.

“One concession I did ask of the lady. She granted that I could share a version of my choice. So, here is, and I present to you, one of my favorite renditions: ‘OnceWas of the New and Free Peoples’.”














“Whether this survives or no, I do not know.”

“I have learned much from its development and deployment.”

“As the story progresses to its conclusion, which I feel may not be long now, we may all learn more, and, I pray, our players do too.”



Signed by: “X”

(It has been suggested that this mark is that of the person sometimes referred to as the Mysterious Stranger, though it is also asserted that there is no evidence that party has accepted, or would accept, any knowledge of, or attribution for, this communication and its contents.)