Pause 2

Second Interlude

The Do’s Series: After Segment 20


© Grandpa Jim



“In Space, There is Pause; and in Pause, There is Space.”

PostNote Fragment from the NewDug LineScar


“I welcome you to this Second Pause. And, our researchers welcome this brief opportunity for them to try and catch up with their work. I am sure you can imagine that new materials are being discovered all the time — every minute, every day, every week, even as I write this to you. Unfortunately, some of the bits and pieces appear to bear no clear relationship to the larger story that is emerging from the excavations. Certainly, and it should be emphasized, many postnote fragments do contribute to the reconstruction of a string of text, a paragraph, a page and, for fortunate finds, an entire chapter. Completed Segments are compiled and released to you as soon as their content and location can be verified and confirmed. Despite these efforts, many disjointed and seemingly unrelated postnote fragments remain. At this point, I thought it might be instructive to share some of those fragments with you, the readers. Above is one discovered during the recent NewDug LineScar. More are produced below. Enjoy these bits and pieces now. Soon, we will move forward to present additional background materials for your review, before we begin the push to reassemble the final chapters of “The Do’s Series.” As always, it is a pleasure to communicate with our readers – as diverse and farflung as you may be.”

Signed: SID

Sidley Cherise (“Sid”)

Notables Compiler for the Amalgamated DigFrame Units



“A few well chosen words are worth a thousand pictures.”

This appears to be the lone surviving excerpt from an Old Day’s webwrite textbook.



“The resurgence of ‘The Do’s’ and the death of the Oscars. . . .”

A portion of text from what was a much longer work. The Do’s reference suggests the words were created a point in time later in the period of the Old Days when “The Do’s” were emerging as the legal system of formal action and recording. The reference to “the Oscars” is relatable to an award for the Best Motion Picture of the year, but the precise meaning and background origins of the term “Oscar” are lost and not a part of the current understanding.


“You say your were struck by a large red ball tossed by people dressed in strange yellow suits with ears?”


Neatly printed dialogue reproduced on a small rectangular yellow postnote with this even tinier scribbling beside it: “Saw on the evening news. Funny.” Perhaps a fashion commentary related to a new form of outerwear.


“The distinction between good and bad arises not in the realm of reason.”

Note discovered on the back of the worn black front piece to a book entitled “Common Prayers.” This was the only portion of the book that survived.


“No two cries are the same.”

Next to this torn portion of print is this handwritten note: “Dr. Spock should be imprisoned.” No other sayings from a Dr. Spock are extant.


“He has WayWord Ways; She has a Way with WayWards.”

This fossilized blue postnote had the single word “HELP” handprinted in large red letters on its back.


“Change a Life, Save a Life.”

Thought to be a commercial jingle from the lost days of TV.



A word and phrase still in common usage.


“As you can see, these bits and pieces are not readily usable in the overall reconstruction and restoration of the original text. Nonetheless, even if these short pieces do not provide a ready context, they may, in their ways, provide a welcome relief. As they say, “A bit can have its place,” which is why we pick up the pieces. Enjoy these, Sid.”