Pause 3

A Reflection & An Interlude


The Do’s Series: After Segment 31


© Grandpa Jim



“There is in reflection the calm that invades a troubled spirit.”

From Pause 1, the First Interlude


“I quote Chief Scribe Taittenger again, one of his Fragments from Time Again beyond the New Days, and hope it provides some comfort.

“You first heard from me, TomMee D. HitBolt IX, when I was a lowly NoteMake contributing to the First List of Names and quite enjoying the recovered tunes and clips, every bit and piece. Over the course of this project, I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Sidley (Sid) Cherise, formerly the Notables Compiler for the Amalgamated DigFrame Units. You may remember Sid as the party responsible for Pause 2, the Second Interlude.

“You may also remember that I was promoted to PickNitter and WartWorrier, 1st Class, Aisle 14, an odd and thankfully interim position. In that capacity, I coordinated the efforts that resulted in the Second List of Names. It was in that document that I included certain explanatory commentary on how each segment of The Do’s Series is acquired, compiled and made available. I noted that in order to preserve the freshness and integrity of the reconstituted product, the work is done and publication accomplished in the shortest possible timeframe. My caution, at that time, was that the nearer we get to the destination, the more we may be slip slidin’ away. This seems to have been the case in this instance, and, with my prior background, it was determined that I should be the one to present to you this Pause 3, A Reflection & An Interlude.

“Yes, this is an interlude.

“It is a curiosity of excavation research that the efforts do not stop with the initial publication of a recovered segment. They continue, and they continue without control over, or prejudice to, what subsequently may be discovered. This Pause 3 is evidence of that continuing process and the persistence and inquisitiveness inherent in these endeavors.

“In fairness, it should be noted that the work you are reading was once determined to be finished at the end of the prior segment. Though not contained on any of the excavated postnotes or postnote fragments recovered to date, the terminology “The End” was, in some of the earlier tracts, appended at the finish of Segment 31. This is not so today.

“This is not The End.

“A certain controversy attaches to this determination and to the additional postlude segments that follow this pause. In this time, there are those who insist that the recorded events should be viewed as ended with the documentation detailing the death of LoveJoy KickStart. Although exacting narrative translations and peer reviewed scholarly combinations of the subsequently unearthed postnotes underpin the legitimacy of the newer segments, there is a cadre of academics that disagrees. Their view is that the added materials are not contemporaneous in time or attributable in common authorship to the original record of events described in Segments 1 to 31.

“For this project, Sid and I have now been elevated to CoChiefs of Excavation, Reconstitution, Interpretation and Presentation – recognition we accept with sincere humility. In our newly appointed position, it is our determination that the decision as to the authenticity and appropriateness of the further postlude segments should be left to you, the readers.

“With a sense of openness and transparency, with no new name games, and with no slip slidin’ away, the remaining bits and pieces have been assembled for your review. In this time after time, may you hear instead what is new again and may the reflection calm any troubled spirit.

“With deepest regards,

“TomMee & Sid.”