Second List of Names

Segments 11-20

Slip Slidin’ Away


The Do’s Series


© Grandpa Jim





“Here follows the updated listing of named parties discovered during the ongoing efforts to reconstruct and re-present the “The Do’s Series” webwork netnovel. Relying on newly found materials from excavations completed to date, this second list spans the events contained in Segments 11-20. Each person’s name is presented in the order of that individual’s first appearance. The names of personages that made their prior first appearances in the first ten (10) Segments are presented in the “List of Names,” which is placed in the seriatim of Segments after Pause 1. I am sure you know that we are mortal men and women, and we collect our pay as everyone else does — no matter our various professions; but it does seem that the nearer we become to our destination, the more it seems we may be slip slidin’ away. I don’t mean to bother you, and your patience is very much appreciated – very, very much . . . and this venture is clearly a rewarding, if painstaking, adventure; but, and I know you can appreciate what I’m hearing and saying, it does seem, at least at times, that ‘you know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip slidin’ away.’ It just seems something we can’t get away from. It’s in our heads and in our bodies, I guess.”

Archived Original Signed By: NoteMake TomMee D. HitBolt IX, recently promoted to PickNitter and WartWorrier, 1st Class, BackStacks, Aisle 14.





Myrtha: An otherworldly creature and Queen of the Vilas. The Vilas are commonly thought to be forest sprites or faries who protect young girls and dance to death young men who wrong those girls. Whether this unsavory reputation is deserved or itself a mythical fabrication, Queen Myrtha herself is indeed quite real. Myrtha presents a complicated figure dressed in a glowing white dress. She has a fondness for a nice cup of hot tea with a friend; and she is something of a geek, being an accomplished programmer in her own right. Segment 11.

Gil SpiderBack: A MountainDwarf, a SpiderMaster and Commander of the SpiderRiders of DropKells. After The Battle of Magdalene Fields, Gil was promoted to the rank of General by DeepDelve HuffSpot, DwarfMaster of TopHouse. Segment 12.

GroupLead DripTrip: A BentOne subofficer reporting to WardBoss FawnFizzle. DripTrip coordinated the BrownOne fightcrews at The Battle of Magdalene Fields. Segment 12.

Second: A young dwarf Captain, adjutant to Gil SpiderBack, and second in command of the SpiderRiders of DropKells at The Battle of Magdalene Fields. After the battle, the young Captain directed a very successful ambush of the pursuing BentOnes that ensured the escape of LoveJoy KickStart and DawnRunner StarBreak from the fray. Segment 12.

HammerHands: A giant of a man with huge fists, close-cut orange hair, a deep gruff voice and a kindly manner. A pugilist of renown, HammerHands traveled the fisticuffs circuit from village to town and town to village, fought every local champion, and was never defeated in the ring. In his waning years, he seeks a quiet faraway place to retire and be of service to others. Segment 14.

Doc: HammerHand’s trainer, long-time companion and friend. A short fellow with a high thin voice who favors a white towel wrapped around his waist. Segment 14.

Fritz WonderLeaf: Mentat Companion in ThoughtService to DeepDelve HuffSpot. An ancient and diminutive TopHouse dwarf with a flowing gray beard, Fritz is an accomplished programming technician and a creditable computer engineer – which is saying a great deal even for a TopHouse engineer. Segment 15.

A Mysterious Stranger: In a tattered yellow-green overcloak, this thin tanned individual presents an odd and unimposing figure. Nonetheless, his presence garners notice and invites attention. Variously referred to as a “Man of Fortune” and a “Drifter,” this person can move in and out of a scene with no apparent means of ingress or egress. He knows things he should not be able to know, and he possesses information he should not be able to access. Segment 15.

The Abbot of HighHill: A former champion pugilist and the idol of HammerHands. This good fighter is now retired to a verdant valley hidden among the snow-covered peaks of OverMountain. Here, he holds the position of Abbot and Chief Administrator of the Monastery of HighHill. The monastery clings to the cliffs above the warm valley below and guards the entrance to the mountain retreat across the freezing and windswept snowfields that lead to the lost valley’s only known landgate. Segment 15.

BoffWham BiffBuff: A Guppie sailor and DeepDive Captain of the underways deepways waterways. BiffBuff is a Head Gazookus in Queen Mother Mary Plantagenet Pickford’s DeepFleet Service. This tall Guppie wears a sailor suit, has huge forearms, an ever-cheerful disposition, and can break into a hearty song at almost any moment or occasion – certainly when the cheering up of a friend is needed or pretty girls are present. Segment 16.

GangleLegs PruneFace: Queen Mary’s Guppie fool. The courtly antics of PruneFace place him in close proximity to the private discussions of the inner circle of DownTown, The UnderCity Capital of the Guppies. GangleLegs is a traitor who sells his services as a spy to Sir Richard Geoffrey Ingelger of Jobs, First Count of the Sweeping Lands. The Dark Count is a despicable figure who plays PruneFace for the fool he is – although, perhaps, not utterly unredeemable. Segment 17.

MirrorPuddle: A Waptilian Raik from the Circle Hills above Schwangau. In appearance, a tall caped figure with a thin pointed nose, two dark beady eyes, and a long bony hand holding what looks like a shepherd’s staff. It is reported that Waptilian Raiks ride the winds and can, in their manner, travel quickly between locations. Segment 18.

Jean LaFitte SquatBean: Pirate AdmiralCaptain of the BumbleBee BuzzSwarm Squadron. This short Guppie pirate wears an elaborate black angled hat with a towering red feather. Captain SquatBean is recently under the employ of the Dark Count. Segment 19.

She: The wife of He. Segment 19.

He: The husband of She. Together, they like to drink coffee and watch old movies. He is apparently a writer, and He holds an odd concern about seeing what is going to be written before it is written so He won’t change it. This is all very mysterious to She. Segment 19.

(NoteMake NameNote: “Forgive me for interjecting myself at this point, but I thought you should know that there is controversy and disagreement among the restoration teams whether ‘He’ should be included as a named party in the story or as a person, with ‘She,’ who has an external relationship to the story. At this writing, the matter has not been resolved, and there is thought that it may be resolvable within the context of the recovered writing itself, although there is mention of a possible movie. TM. D. HitBolt.”)

Richie Cunningham: The Fonz’s friend, sitcom companion, and a long-time member of the Happy Days traveling band and pasta roadshow.

William Wallace: A longhaired burly Scot dressed in a tartan kilt and possessed personally of a prodigious appetite, a love for freedom, and a following of well-armed and experienced warriors.





“Your attention is drawn to the fact that the first List of Names has just been renamed the ‘First List of Names.’ This is one of only a very few backchanges made after postpublication. Our goal has always been to present each Segment as the chapter emerges and before the whole story is recovered and known. We do this to maintain the integrity of the discovery process and to present to you a product unblemished by preplanning or pastinkerings. As a result, there may well be some rough spots in the narrative, an occasional typographical error, some unfortunate word choices, or other ‘smudges’ inadvertently introduced by our teams, despite their good intentions. We do apologize for these, and we do want to assure you that the creative process of recovery has not been substantively affected. You are reading a ‘First Work.’ There is none other. In this age, you are the ‘First Readers.’ Never doubt this. Even with an acknowledged slip slidin’ of sorts, this is an exciting time. Now, in fact and God knows, we are gliding down the highway, the information is available, and we work our jobs and collect our pay, because we know we are nearer our destination and not slip slidin’ away anymore. Truly, these are exciting times. TomMee.”