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The Do’s Series is the newest addition to your reading materials. Do’s is an emerging book-length project composed of segments or chapters. The unfolding of the story is much like a novel published by chapter in a newspaper, but this novel is web-based with interactive Internet links to song and film. As such, The Do’s Series is a completely new and unique media form. This new webwork is available to you only on the Internet at Uncle Joe Stories.

All photographs in the header and most in posts are original, and many are from Uncle Joe’s farm and the surrounding croplands. The pictures should change whenever you open a page, visit a blog post or click on the photo.

The most recent blog will be posted on the Home page, unless a new story is holding that position of honor. With the advent of the The Do’s Series, blog posts will be focused more on this emerging novel and its segments and pauses.

The content of the writings and pictures on the Uncle Joe Stories web site should be suitable for children and adults of all ages. Please let me know if you have any concern with the writings or pictures on this site.

You can contact me at gpajim@unclejoestories.com  I check my emails regularly and I will make every effort to respond to your communications.

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Grandpa Jim

March 31, 2016